In time for summer 2013, the award winning actor, producer, director and arbiter elegantiarum John Malkovich launches an exclusive Men’s beachwear capsule collection produced by his brand Technobohemian, exclusively for 

Transoceanic elegance meets quality ‘Made in Italy’ in the Technobohemian capsule collection. Malkovich mixes simple, relaxed shapes with exquisite fabrics sourced from some of Italy’s finest textile mills to create the perfect summer-time wardrobe for bons vivants everywhere. 

From poolside to cocktail hour – the capsule collection offers sartorially inclined gentlemen in over 100 countries the perfect garment for every occasion: from unstructured jackets, Bermuda shorts, shirts and trousers, to polo-shirts, swimming costumes, shoes and accessories – all crafted from the finest linens, leathers, seersucker and cotton. 

John Malkovich: “This capsule collection for is based on drawings recent and past. I always mistrust anyone describing to me what they have done, what it means, and what I should feel about it, so I assume others feel that way also. However, I will try to describe it as simply as possible. This is a small collection of light, wearable summer clothing and accessories, from some of our favorite fabric mills in Italy. Some are colorful, some are more discreet. The fit is comfortable and not overly structured, and hopefully easily paired with most anything” 

In an exclusive interview with, John Malkovich talks about his inspiration, his personal sense of style and offers visitors a rare glimpse into the creative mind’s eye of this modern-day Renaissance Man. 

The Technobohemian by John Malkovich capsule collection will be available online, exclusively on from mid-March 2013.

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