YOOXYGEN, yoox.com’s eco-friendly initiative, presents the latest selection of ecological and ethical fashion and accessories as chosen by Livia Firth for the Eco-Age shop in shop on yoox.com  

In her unofficial role as champion of eco-style, Livia Firth dedicates to turning the world’s red carpets green with her unique vision of a more ethical, environmentally aware and sustainable approach to fashion. Thanks to an intensive and ongoing process research into new brands, meeting producers and verifying production materials and manufacturing techniques, Livia has put together a selection of wardrobe ready pieces, from both established eco brands and smaller niche labels. 

The ECO-AGE spring-summer 2013 witnesses the return of a number of Livia’s favourite brands – as part of her vision for the essential eco-elegant summer wardrobe - among the brands returning to the Eco-Age selection: Sustainable Après Soleil style by Beach Candy; African-made bags by Italian brand Carmina Campus; eco-accessories by Kayu; ethically produced lingerie by Charini and Lady-like style from the London based Henrietta Ludgate. 

Mich Dulce 
The Mich Dulce brand is dedicated to promoting Filipino craftsmanship and creativity through millinery, using traditional, locally sourced materials. By working with traditional fabric woven by different ethnic groups in the Philippines, Mich aims to promote and preserve the Filipino heritage and culture through modern and eccentric headpieces and accessories. 

Sunshine Cunningham 
Swedish brand of high luxury handmade bags, Sunshine Cunningham bags are made with the finest quality Swedish leathers. Leathers are colored using low-impact vegetable dye and are allergy-free. 

The Eco Age by Livia Firth Spring Summer Selection will be available on yoox.com from mid February 2013.

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