Marni presents a book featuring the fall/winter 2013-2014 menswear. In collaboration with art director Dean Langley, the brand has explored the aesthetics of the men’s fall/winter collection, photographed by Clare Shilland. 

This project re-affirms Marni’s commitment to explore the menswear collection by experimenting with different mediums; last season a short film, this season a book. The menswear presents an exciting opportunity for Marni to reach out in this new way to define and bring alive the collection in a relevant alternative to a fashion show. 

Consuelo Castiglioni was inspired by the work of art director Dean Langley. The collaborations starting point was the spirit of the mens collection and Marni’s creative approach to it. Consuelo was interested in experiencing the collection through the eyes of someone who had not been involved in the design, to have a new angle and a new take on the visual communication of Marni Uomo. 

Working with the Marni team, Dean Langley created a non linear portfolio of images, merging playful graphic elements with beautiful stills. The shocking fluo pink is an bold theme throughout the book, while the patterns are the seasons’prints, typically used on the clothes,are photographed, enlarged and re-imagined. The Marni logo is manipulated in provocative new waysas well.


During ICFF in New York, Marni has presented the MARNI UOMO book in its Edition Boutique in the Meatpacking district. For the launch, Marni isexcited to offer a limited edition t-shirt for men, using the graphics of the book, which will be sold exclusively in the Edition Boutique in New York and on 

The book MARNI UOMO is printed in a limited editionandwill be available in all Marni boutiques featuring the menswear collection as well as An exclusive short film on the website will offer a preview of the project. 

The MARNI UOMO book continues the labels unique approach to presenting its menswear collections.

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